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Learning to Let Go

  • Maha Rose 97 Green St G3 Brooklyn, NY 11222 USA (map)

Are there circumstances in your life that you want to change? When we want to get that job, that relationship, that body, we often will employ our cunning and energy to attain the outcomes we desire. But we are not always able to control what happens, and our striving often creates unnecessary suffering.

Although admitting “I don’t know” is scary and humbling, it is a reliably effective way to respond to uncertainty. How can we put this mantra into play, in real time? How can we overcome our resistance to releasing willfulness? What does it look like to live each day accepting what is, and surrendering to the greater forces that guide us?

In this workshop, through guided meditations, group discussion, and narrative medicine, we will practice the art of surrender. We will cultivate skills to discern when and how to let go, in order to ride life’s waves with greater ease and trust.

Energy Exchange: $40

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