As a physician wellbeing consultant, program developer, and facilitator, I endeavor to create spaces for physicians to speak safely and vulnerably in order to reflect on and process all they go through each day. I cultivate opportunities for physicians to take a pause, to turn off, to slow down, and to restore—which will enable them to better serve their patients. With the direct intention to reduce burnout and promote sustained wellbeing, I offer:

  • PHYSICIAN COACHING SESSIONS: I meet with an individual physician once a week for at least 6-weeks, for 30-60 minutes. In this collaborative and supportive relationship, we set weekly and long-term goals, process pertinent topics that came up during the week, and implement strategies to create greater balance, energy, and inner peace in the midst of their busy and draining lives. 

  • WEEKEND WELLNESS RETREATS: Small groups of physicians in the same field gather for a weekend restoration at a quiet refuge outside the city. I facilitate guided meditation, mindfulness practices, yoga, narrative medicine sessions, group discussions, nourishing meals, and time in nature.

  • NARRATIVE MEDICINE CLASSES: I facilitate ongoing Narrative Medicine sessions (1.5 hours) or intensive workshops (3-6 hours) for intimate groups of physicians, residents, medical students, or a mix of clinicians. Demonstration classes available upon request.

  • WELLBEING SKILL-BUILDING TRAININGS: I lead 2-4 hour trainings on the following topics, and can also design individualized curriculum that best suits your needs. Sample trainings include:
    • Mindful Living at Work and Home: Stressors bombard physicians on a daily basis, from patient interactions to the pressurized healthcare system to finding time for family and friends. In this training, physicians identify the imbalances at work and home that most trouble them and leave equipped with practices, strategies, and goals to create equilibrium in their lives.  
    • Activating Resilience: To perform their jobs effectively, physicians must know how to recover quickly and learn from difficulties. Resilience is a quality we all possess, but it must be activated and practiced. In this training, we explore the science behind coping with and growing from challenges, identify the obstacles that prevent effective responses to hardship, and strategize ways to improve each physician's unique relationship with resilience.
    • The Art of Generous Listening: The simple but profound act of being completely present to another person, without judgment, takes practice and commitment. In this training, physicians experience the most effective ways to listen to patients, colleagues, and themselves, and identify ways to navigate the challenges that arise. 
    • After the Unexpected: Mistakes are inevitable, but handling them well is not a given. In this training, we consider how to respond to the repercussions of making a medical error. We focus on attaining a nuanced emotional understanding of the situation, fostering forgiveness, and rebuilding self-efficacy
    • An Organized Mind: Based in neuroscience research, this training teaches physicians to use their brainpower not just to do their job well but to achieve emotional, mental, and physical wellness.


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